Testimony : God delivered her babies safe and sound

August 26, 2017
Nellie Lyn Brown

Nellie Lyn Brown has been a member of the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God in Clarendon for 42 years.

She currently serves that congregation as an officer, and is excited about God and the work she has been doing for Him.

Brown's willingness and happiness to work for her Creator has not only come about because of His love for her, but also because of His goodness towards her.

"He has done so much for me. However, the most memorable thing was when I was pregnant 43 years ago and was sick. I went to the doctor and he was unable to tell what was wrong with me. The doctor said, in a way, that he could not help me, and the church had to come to my rescue," said Brown.

She said she did not get any medication, but she called her father, the late Isaac Cohen, who was a member of the church she now attends.

"He told me that he was going to get a group of prayer warriors from the church. He contacted the group and they all came to my house the night to have prayer meeting," she said.




During several minutes of prayer, not only did her illness disappear, but she was saved, baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost, even while pregnant with twins.

She delivered her babies and they were both born on the same date as her first son and second child. But strange things happened that day.

"I remember falling off to sleep, and I dreamt that there were two people standing outside my house, a man and a woman. I heard the woman calling out to the man three times saying, 'look how long me tell you say come let we carry the gal (girl) go hospital, and you make the gal stay here until we lose we plan'. When I woke up a bad feeling took me in my back," noted Brown.

She said that's when she gave birth. Brown is convinced that if she had gone to the hospital to have her children, she would have died.

"My midwives were my mother and my sister that night. We sent to the hospital in Spaldings to get a nurse to come to the house for the delivery of the babies, and because there were three men in the car which was used to go for the nurse, she did not come," said Brown.

She noted that after giving birth, she fell asleep and was almost attacked by demons. When she awoke, she said she heard her father telling the demons that they were not going to enter his house to go and kill her.

Brown said that she has been grateful to God ever since, and He has done numerous things in her life, for which she has to thank Him and continue to live for Him until He is ready to call her home.

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