King Jesus paints car using ganga stick

August 29, 2017
King Fragrance, aka King Jesus showing off the artistry on the 1993 Toyota Corolla.

Popular Negril figure Ki5ng Fragrance is turning heads with his 1993 Toyota Corolla motorcar, which he hand-painted both inside and outside by using some imaginative artistry.

"This precious art took me about two months to do. I use ganja stick and oil paint to draw everything," the artiste, who also bears the moniker King Jesus, told WESTERN STAR.

"It is a celestial order or energy that inspired me because this is the first time I ever took up something like this," added the Rastafarian, who is also a recording artiste who is behind the single Africa.

King Fragrance said that one of the main reasons he acted on his inspiration was to show Jamaica, particularly youths, that the country is not short on innovation and job-creation ideas.

"We are showing the world how far we can go with employment because there are lots of skilled artists here in Jamaica. So just imagine the new line of work that can be created because we have many cars here.

"Jamaica is not short on power, creativity, or resources. We have everything, and this is a prime example of showing how far we can go. Locals and tourists love what they see. This car was even the highlight at Dream Weekend the other day," he said.

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