Testimony : God worked a financial miracle for her

September 02, 2017
Barbara Simpson

It has been almost 21 years since Barbara Simpson has been walking with the Lord. She is currently a member of the White Chapel Church of God of Deliverance at Brixton Hill in Clarendon.

Simpson testified that the Lord has done many great things in her life, and one she will always remember is how He helped her through difficulties during the early part of her marriage.

"My husband and I were separated for over a year and things were getting quite bad. I decided that it was time for me to make a break, so I started divorce proceedings. It meant that I had to acquire a solicitor to do all the legal work," shared Simpson.

She pointed out, however, that the fees were very expensive and her bills were mounting. However, during that time, her husband got saved.

She said her son was convinced that his father surrendered his life to the Lord because he kept talking about God and was praying all the time. But Simpson was not initially convinced.

"I saw the evidence of all this happening, how he had changed, the different person he was, and his mannerism had changed, his language had changed. Lots of things had changed," she said.

After a while she became fully convinced he was a changed man. She added that she, too, got saved during that time.

"We rededicated our marriage and it meant that we did not need to continue with the legal way of settling our differences. We got back together as man and wife but there was an issue about the high solicitor's bill," said Simpson.

She said one Sunday they went to church and the preacher's topic was faith. At the end of his sermon, he called persons who had a mountain in their life to come forward.

Simpson's 'mountain' was the solicitor's bill which was due the next day.

"I knew not where the money was coming from to pay it off. So, I went forward and the pastor prayed for me. I believed in God for the money because I had faith in Him," she said.

She then made a phone call to the solicitor the following day about her expenses incurred.

"She said to me, 'what expenses?' She said to me that my bill was settled. I was overwhelmed by that and I had to just start telling God thanks," testified Simpson.

She asked her husband if he was the one who settled her expenses but he said no.

"What transpired was really a miracle. I just had to give God thanks because what happened was indeed a miracle. Up to this day I do not know who paid off my debt with the solicitor, but I know God had something to do with it," said Simpson.

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