Community focus : Ramble, Hanover - Good ole' country

September 05, 2017
This antique motor car is more than 80 years old. It is on show at the Edwards Dairy Farm in Ramble, Hanover.
Deliveryman Michael Lewis powerwashed crates at Edwards Dairy in Ramble, Hanover
The Knockalva Great House in Ramble, Hanover, now serves as the administrative block at the Knockalva Agricultural School.

The community of Ramble in Hanover is best known for agriculture. It is the home of the Knockalva Agricultural School and arguably has some of the best grazing lands in Jamaica.

Community member Henry Shaw, who goes by the nickname 'Letty', told WESTERN STAR that the people of Ramble have always relied on agriculture as their economic base. He said the soil in Ramble is considered " hot" due to its porosity.

"If rain fall fi all two or three day, and no fall again fi about four or five [days] it come like no rain neva fall. It suck di water quick so das why we say it hot," Letty said.

"People here do ground provision like yam, banana dasheen and all dem something deh. You rear chicken, pig and cattle. Ramble is a nice community. Dis a di last resort you have inna Jamaica, because you hear in odda places people deh kill people. You no hear nuttn like dat here. No housebreaking," he added.

Like many other rural communities, Ramble is considered a place where people live an idyllic life, and share what they have with neighbours.

"The best thing about Ramble is the living. The people dem round here live good. You find a man wi teef a breadfruit, but if anything teef bigger dan dat, a outside him come from. We have fruit trees all bout di place and my boss, him help everybody. Anybody weh inna di community and hungry a dem want hungry. Because you have orange, you have mango all sort a fruit inna di area," Letty said.

Ramble is home to Wright's cattle farm, which specialises in beef and Edwards Dairy.

Sheldon Edwards, co-owner of Edwards Dairy, told WESTERN STAR that the community has maintained its old rural charm.

"We have been in Ramble for the past 41 years. It is traditionally a cattle area. I think it was cane before ..." Edwards said. "Growing up here was fun. It was different times obviously, but the people were glad to see new people coming in and it was kind of slow with a lot of bush.

"And when new people came in, it brought life back into the place. So everybody loved us and looked out for us; it was one big family. You go out there, you had to say good morning to everybody good old country. We have to give thanks that Ramble has changed very little. You have some good old people still with the manners and respect and everything same way," he said.

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