Community focus : Welcome to Glasgow

September 19, 2017
Norris Buchanan, aka Dave, serves up some chicken foot and turney neck soup for his co-workers at Sunrise farms in Glasgow
Hank Buchanan (right) poses with some of his workers at Sunrise Farms in Glasgow
A section of the sugar cane farm at Glasgow which is now being diversified into pineapples and papayas. In the distance is a section of the lower levels of the Dolphin Head mountain range.

The district of Glasgow in Westmoreland has always been synonymous with sugar cane cultivation. In fact, once you pass Grange Hill in Westmoreland, almost instantly the Glasgow sugar cane plantations begin. 

And, once you exit the community of Flamstead in Hanover, you are flanked by acres and acres of the sweet grass.

Hank Buchanan, who grew up in Glasgow, told WESTERN STAR that his father acquired the Glasgow Sugar Plantation in 1973 and along with his siblings established the Buchanan Sugar Cane Farm.

For many years, Buchanan Farms was Glasgow’ hub, where sugar cane was planted, weighed and sent off to Frome Sugar Factory. But now, Buchanan has diversified into pineapples, papayas and pepper and renamed the property Sunrise Farms.

“In the 70s you used to have sugar cane, marl and stone as income generators. There were upwards of anywhere between 75 to 200 employees at any time throughout the crop and after the crop it may go down to about 90.  It was always a thriving place,” Buchanan explained.

“We were always into farming. My father started out with one truck and built an empire out of that.  So we want to continue.  Glasgow in the past, was a beautiful place and still is. I used to have fun here as a child.  I learnt to drive on this property,” he added.

Glasgow is nestled at the foot of Dolphin Head Mountains, which is to its north and stretches three miles towards Peggy Barry and Grange Hill in Westmoreland and one mile towards Kendal/Cessnock in Hanover.  Most of the land is flat and well-watered, thus its suitability for large-scale agriculture.


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