Call To The Bar : Carol's bar is 'irresistible'

October 05, 2017
Owner of Carol's Irresistible HQ, Carol Ragbar.
Owner of Carol's Irresistible HQ, Carol Ragbar.
With a well-stocked bar, there's something for everyone.
Patrons enjoying a Saturday afternoon drink at Carol's Irresistible HQ.

Right at the border of the Portland communities of Hart Hill and Windsor, lies Carol's Irresistible HQ.

It takes its name from owner Carol Ragbar, who transformed the bar her mother used to run into a more modern chill spot. 

One-one cocoa does indeed full basket, and Ragbar has the same mentality.

"You know we start sell one-one bottle and then things picked up, because my mother was well known," she said, recalling how things were at the beginning.  

Having been involved in bar life, Ragbar knows a thing or two, and has added her own touch to make sure her place lives up to its irresistible name.

One thing customers always joke about is Ragbar's smile, and complemented by good service, Carol's Irresistible HQ has been just that for many patrons, including Bob Harris.

"You always feel welcome when you come here, mi can't complain bout that. From me know har, she always a smile, never see har vex yet," he laughed, as he and several other patrons joke with Ragbar while listening to oldies.

The bar has been a 'knockout' success, figuratively and somewhat literally. When the Wray and Nephew Contender series started, Ragbar's pub was one of those in the thick of the action. 

"You used to have a special every fight night," she said. Patrons could come in, get some of their favourite beverages at special prices, while watching gladiators clash in the ring.

In addition to the bar, Ragbar runs a small variety shop, right in the same space. "Anytime things get slow, yuh haffi try a thing," she smiled.

The 'store' offers a myriad of items, from children's toys and educational supplies to stuff for the grown-ups.

"Things on that side have been going all right because some of the time when the gentlemen come in, they pick up a nice little package to carry home for the wife," she winked. 

It's safe to say the bar has become a staple of the quiet districts. Her annual New Year's Eve bash and her summer retro party is the stuff of legend in the surrounding areas. 

She's thinking about making further additions to the bar, but she's still 'weighing her mind'. A real hands-on person, Ragbar mans the bar herself, 99 per cent of the time.

"Some of the time I get real tired, so I might have someone come in like for a week or so but that's it," she said.

Over 15 years of operation, Ragbar is quite pleased with the bar's progress.

"When you really want something, or you really need something, you just go for it," she said. "Things can be tough, business can be slow, but no matter what happens, never give up."

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