STAR of the Month : Agent Sasco saddened by mother's cancer fight

October 06, 2017
Agent Sasco
Agent Sasco

In 2009, Agent Sasco released 'Missing You', a song dedicated to his mother, Nellie Campbell, who passed away in 2005 after a three-year battle with breast cancer.

The woman who gave life to the talented reggae and dancehall recording artiste was no stranger to illness. Nellie Campbell was diagnosed with diabetes in her late 30s. Despite being ill and having to stay home, she ensured that the health and well-being of her children were always placed first.

That is the memory that Agent Sasco has of his mother. The Ghetto State of Mind deejay spent most of his childhood living with his mother and two siblings in their Kintyre home in St Andrew.

Growing up, the artiste said his mother never pressured him to choose a career. Instead, she was more concerned about the hours he would come home in the evening, especially during his high school years.

"My mother was concerned less about the activity and more about coming out of the yard. She was the type of person who was encouraging and fully supportive of me fulfilling my dreams as a recording artiste," Agent Sasco told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But at 50 years old, Nellie felt a lump in her breast and got examined. A biopsy revealed that the growth was malignant.

"We were all shocked by the diagnosis. But the immediate attention went to what options might be available and what could be done," said Agent Sasco.

Unfortunately, the cancer had escalated to Stage 4 in a short period.




"My mother was very firm in her faith, and, as such, accepted what her fate was to be," he said.

The cancer had spread to several organs two years after the initial diagnosis, including Nellie's brain and lungs.

"Certainly, you don't want to see someone you love hurt like that and endure that kind of deterioration," Agent Sasco said.

Agent Sasco was determined to be by his mother's side, and he even visited her a few hours before she passed.

"She was having difficulty breathing and still was singing hymns of praise in her final hours. She was incredibly strong, and would often be more concerned with how we were taking it all instead of the pain she was in," he said.

It may be more than 10 years since her death, but the pain is still very real.

Agent Sasco's mother's diagnosis forced him to reassess how he lived his life stating that, "I am definitely more conscious of choices I make and how they affect my health."

The topic was a sensitive one for the recording artiste, and he appeared downhearted revisiting the experience. However, he is very passionate about making persons aware.

"It certainly made me appreciate that indiscriminate nature of illness, and therefore much more grateful for every day of good health. Cancer, overall, is certainly not something you want to leave up to chance," he said.

The recording artiste encourages both men and women to take full advantage of the available tests.

"I think we definitely could do more with educating people about the gravity of the situation," said Agent Sasco.

"If you have any opportunity to avoid going down that road, then do the mammograms, tests, and participate in screenings," he continued.

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