Call To The Bar: Hill View Pub, the blueprint for hangout

October 19, 2017
The relaxing Hill View Pub on Gordon Town Road in Papine.
The amicable Clive Hinds, owner of Hill View Pub.
Owner of Hill View Pub Clive Hinds (centre) with regular patrons Alton James (left) and Ardene Davis.
Owner of Hill View Pub Clive Hinds looks on while barmaid Natasha McGowan serves up a drink of Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum.

What started out a place where a group of friends used to hang out, has become one of Papine's most popular drinking spots.

Clive Hinds and friends used to hang out a small bar along Gordon Town Road when they were younger.

"That bar closed down and I was suggesting that one of my friends should reopen it, but they said 'no, you are the man to lead'," he recalled. "I never know I would be in it for 16 years."

And so, Hill View Pub was born. He admits he knew nothing about running a bar those years ago, but he has learnt the craft over time.

He is adamant that there is a science to running a 'real bar'.

"Nuff people a nuh really bar dem have, is jus a little hustling," he said. "When you look at our setting, it's totally different. We look at it from a broader perspective. We look pon it as a business and treat it like that."

Respect is a must. He treats every customer the same, and they have to respect each other as well, irrespective of how much they spend.

"A di man whe buy a one rum or a one beer or a cigarette, a dem a hold you," he said. 'We have some really good, loyal customers who keep us going."


Comfort is also a major emphasis for Hinds and he strives to make sure Hill View always provides that. People rave about the cleanliness of the bar and the fact they aren't harassed by beggars.

"Bar is somewhere you go to relax enuh. You have a hard day at work or a hard day at yuh yard ... you just want to drink two beer and relax," he said. 

No smoking is allowed and he looks for specific qualities in bartenders as "dem can make you or break you."

"You have to set a certain standard. And then (patrons) get a wide variety of products," he said, pointing to the shelves. "And one of the key things in a bar too is that the colder you keep your liquor, the better it is. If you order a beer and you get it well cold, you will drink a second. You have some small techniques, but people tek dem for granted."

So successful has he been, that others have come to him for advice when starting their own bars.

Hinds said he would love to turn Hill View into a real 'sports bar' including gazebo and glass doors.

One thing that will never change though is the quality of the service.

"You have to know what the customers want, know what they like. You have to try and bring a difference," he said.




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