Call to the Bar : Lady Pow Cozy Bar - Anchovy's relaxing spot

November 16, 2017
Lady Pow says her bar is a university, courthouse and a counsellor's office.
Marcia Powell, owner of Lady Pow Cozy Bar.
Marcia Powell attends to some jerked pork outside her bar in Anchovy, St James.

Marcia Powell left her home parish and relocated to St James some 22 years ago and had her first experience at City Bar along St James Street in Montego Bay, where she worked as a bartender from 1995 and 1996.

However, this bubbly girl from St Elizabeth would not be satisfied with working for someone else and soon opened her own establishment in the popular tourist town.

After the unfortunate death of her husband, she decided to find a location that she could create a unique offering for her clients, where all classes of people could relax and have a good time.

Marcia, more popularly known as Lady Pow, is now perhaps one of the most well-known personalities in the town of Anchovy, which sits about six miles outside of Montego Bay. And Lady Pow Cozy Bar, which she owns, is a must-stop spot in the area.

Her customer base is dominated by elderly males and females, both current and retired professionals, with many of her long-time clients finding her wherever she is located.


"They are like family and we try to make this their home away from home,” said Lady Pow.

“No idlers are allowed, because one’s reputation is very important in this business.”

“After years of doing this, you learn to be a good listener...the bar is a university, court house and a counsellor’s office." she added. “The location is amazing, there is spacious parking and I have the customer service with the best bar tender ever, clean and respectful, but fun.”

While conch and hog head Wednesdays have been replaced by fish and pork Fridays as the weekly events at Lady Pow Cozy Bar, her February parties and customer appreciation each October have become a popular calendar event.

“Lady Pow Cozy Bar is my place, and I am sure other patrons will echo similar sentiments,” said Burt McFarlane, an elder who was the source of comical relief during The Star’s visit.

“Put it this way, there are bars here and bars everywhere, but then there is Lady Pow Cozy Bar.”


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