Called to the Bar: Jamming at Rock Away Sports Bar

November 30, 2017
Donnette pours a drink for her regular customers Steelie (left) and War Man at her bar, Rock Away Sports Bar in Golden Grove, St Ann.
Rock Away Sports Bar in Golden Grove, St Ann.

J. Wray and Nephew’s branding of the Rock Away Sports Bar in Golden Grove, St Ann, has brightened up not just the bar itself but the area where the bar is located.

The branding, in its predominantly yellow and green colours, has also caused an increase in business, operator Donna-Marie Dryden, known in the community as Donnette, told THE STAR.

A warm welcome awaited THE STAR upon arrival at the chill spot on Tuesday.

Located on the main road leading from Golden Grove to Ocho Rios in St Ann, the bar is a favourite stop for many.

“People keep coming back because of the good service, the nice atmosphere and when you’re here nobody gonna mess with you,” Donnette said.

“We have the natural AC, which is the nice cool breeze, blowing from outside straight through the bar,” she added.

Rock Away Sports Bar is relatively new. It has been in operation for about two years but has established itself as the place for mature clients.

“We get clients from the community and from outside also. But is big people, respectable people and stuff like that, mature people. And because we’re on the main, sometimes people passing by would stop and have a drink.”

J. Wray and Nephew rum is the preferred choice for most of her clients, served with a variety of mixers or chasers including Campari, cranberry juice, Ting and water.

Despite being a favourite of mature clients, Rock Away Sports Bar is by no means a hang out spot only. When it is time to party, it is time to party.

“Sometimes we might have a party for the party fans and sometimes people would just come sit down, chat and have a drink.”

The next big event that is being planned for the chill spot is a birthday bash called Wild Thoughts. This takes place on Saturday, December 9. The promoters are Tiffany and Shuggy, and the music will be played by Skinny Audio. The admission is simply to buy out the Rock Away Sports Bar.


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