Call To The Bar: Wilton's favourite watering hole

December 14, 2017
Manager of Season 2D Bonez Restaurant, Bar and Grill, Gloria Brown-Ennis.
Gloria Brown-Ennis serves up a mixture of white rum and Stone's Ginger Wine, two of the popular Wray and Nephew products among patrons at Season 2D Bonez.
Gloria Brown-Ennis (left) gets ready to serve up a drink with the help of one of her barmaids Natasha Glaze.

With a name like Season 2D Bonez, you would anticipate a restaurant setting serving up tasty dishes.

And while that may be the case of this St Elizabeth establishment, the bar section  of the popular eatery also does good business.

"We started from a cookout. We had it the Friday and by the Sunday we started," she said. 

Come next month, the bar and grill will celebrate five years, and the time has seemingly flown by for manager Gloria Brown-Ennis.

"To some people it's a surprise we're still open," she said. "But it closed down and during our first year, there were some comments that we wouldn't last for long. But we're still here.

The idea for the chill spot came about because Denver thought the community of Wilton in which it is located, needed a good chill spot in the area. 

Trying to fill a perceived gap however doesn't always guarantee success. But Season 2D Bonez has been holding its own quite nicely.

"You have your ups and downs. In business you know how it goes. So I always have to be on the right track," she said. "I'm not getting into competition with anyone and end up bankrupt. Who want to run competition, go ahead. Some tried and not even six months later, they closed down." 

Located along the Wilton/Goshen main road, it's the ideal spot for a tired traveller to pull over and relax for a bit.

"I would say the majority are mostly passers-by but the young guys from the area hang out here, and if we're having anything, they will support us," she said.

As she speaks a few of them are getting ready to play a game of pool in the spacious lounge area that complements the bar. 

Brown-Ennis said the people's choice of liquor is the good old white overproof rum, with a variety of chasers.

The homely atmosphere of Season 2D Bonez is also very welcoming.

"They love the service. The like the approach of the workers, especially me because I always give them a smile," she said, flashing one of those trademark smiles. "I give them a joke or two as well."

When asked about the future of the establishment, Brown-Ennis said she had plans but just like the way she has run the business so far, she is not getting ahead of herself.

"There are other things in the future that we would like do, but we're holding off for now," she said.



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