Weh Dem Up To: KipRich's sound matures

December 15, 2017
In this file 2005 photo, KipRich rocks a denim outfit in a photo shoot.
KipRich performing at Sumfest in 2011.

Growing up in the community of Waterhouse in St Andrew may have been motivation for Marlon Plunkett to take a career path in music and entertainment, but his versatility and comical style are what earned him a place in the industry.

As a deejay, Plunkett, or KipRich, the name most persons would be familiar with, was mentored by members of The Alliance such as Bounty Killer and Elephant Man.

He had a personal flair of making fun of fellow artistes in tracks like the 2011 single, Talk. Nonetheless, KipRich avoided getting into disputes with members of the dancehall fraternity.

"When I put an artiste name in my song, I normally state facts or I do it in a comedic way, so even the artiste can also have a laugh. It's never personal, just music," KipRich told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Some of the newer artistes are focused on ridiculing others to get the attention, and it does work, sometimes for a moment, because negative news is more highlighted."

KipRich maintained that his aim was never to destroy another artiste's career for his own personal gain.




"I am at a place now in life where I have to make the right choices. I'm no longer working for self. I have kids, so I find myself brainstorming a lot, doing more research, and putting in a lot of work," he said. "I am focusing on my career and merchandise that will expand my brand to a wider market."

KipRich is currently working to release an EP in early 2018. Natural Bridge Records in New York is executive producer for the project, while The Champ of Young Kings Productions (YKP) has produced exclusive beats in hopes that they bring out a new and unique sound from KipRich.

"I have a few collaborations on the EP, but one with The Alliance would be a great one because all the artistes are more experienced musicians. I love good music and serious work ethic, so when I see that in any artiste I'm willing to work with them. It's not about a big name. It's more about a sound that can complement my sound," he said.

In February, KipRich released My Loss, No Eating Rights (a response to Ishawna's Equal Rights), Dancehall Criminal and Happy Life featuring DHQ Nickiesha, an upbeat cross-genre track.

KipRich recognises that in recent times his music has been doing better in other islands, Europe, Africa, and especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

"Maybe it's the message or maybe the sound is the reason. My sound has definitely evolved. I'm more in tune to delivery in terms of keys and melodies, so I spend more time on each production," the deejay said.

KipRich normally hosts a yearly Christmas treat, but unfortunately will be overseas for the holiday season.

"Working on the EP as well as bookings for shows has me busy this Christmas, but my community knows I love them. Next year, we will be back on track, plus I'm adding Linstead (place of birth) and Spanish Town to the list of places to have the treat," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

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