Little Tanir is christened

January 20, 2018
George Henry photo Omarie Wright (left) and Regina Hylton with their son Tanir, listen to the words of the bishop at Tanir's christening.

It was 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, January 7, when Bishop Donald Dawson, pastor at the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God in Clarendon, called young parents Regina Hylton and Omarie Wright to take their baby son Tanir to the altar for christening.

Supported by the lad's godparents and officers from that church, the two proudly stood at the altar while facing the pastor and listened to every instruction before he prayed for Tanir and pronounced God's blessings on him.

Dawson reminded everyone that they all have an obligation to ensure that Tanir be faithful to the Lord. He stressed that they also have an obligation to be examples to the child for God.

"Our responsibility is to be trainers of our children for the Lord. Our responsibility is to keep the Lord ever before our children. Train them when they are sitting down, walking, lying down. We are to train them to reverence the Lord and to be obedient to His words," said Dawson.

Dawson prayed for Tanir and asked the Lord to allow His Holy Spirit to bring guidance upon him. He called on God to allow Tanir to be a blessing to his home, his parents, and his in-laws, and prayed that he will be a child of peace.

"God, as we pray for this child today, we pray that you will bind up every generational curse ... we render them powerless over this child's life," Dawson prayed.

He called upon God to send angels to protect the home where the lad lives and where he will be raised, and asked that everything around him will be sanctified and covered under the blood of Jesus.

"We pray that you will provide for the parents so that they will be able to adequately take care of this child. We declare a blessing over his life ... nothing shall prevent him from fulfilling his purpose and his destiny down here," prayed Dawson.

He also called on the Almighty to shield the lad from abusers, murderers, witchcraft, spirits and whatever would want to destroy his life.

Sicknesses, diseases, and other forces were also told to keep away from the lad in the name of Jesus.

Tanir, who was born at the Mandeville Regional Hospital on October 28, was the first baby to be christened at the Sanguinetti New Testament Church for 2018.

He weighed six pounds at birth.


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