Testimony : God provided for her children

January 27, 2018
Sharon Campbell

Sharon Campbell, a member of the Spaldings New Testament Church of God in Clarendon, has been walking with the Lord for over 40 years.

Like many Christians, she is convinced that the Lord will always provide for those who are in need, and that He is an on-time God.

She shared that the Lord has always provided for her and her family, and says that He comes through for her in the most difficult and trying times.

She expressed that she has always wanted all her children to be professionals, but the availability of funds had posed a challenge.

"God has helped me to send my four children to college, but it was never easy. Me and my husband sometimes never had the money to send them, but the Lord provided because we always had faith. We prayed and fasted a lot and He came through for us," testified Campbell.

She noted that her four children are now teachers.

Campbell said that her husband makes furniture and does subsistence farming to supplement her income as a supporting staff member at a secondary institution.

Those earnings helped to take care of tuition fees for her children's tertiary education.

"When I got the papers showing a breakdown of the fees, I just held them up to God and asked Him to see me through, and he always provided a way," she said. "Sometimes I had to go to the credit union, and because my husband makes furniture, God provided jobs for him at the times we needed the money most," said Campbell.

She encouraged parents who are faced with similar challenges not to throw their arms up in despair, but to put their trust totally in God and pray with faith that He will work things out.

"Have faith in God. Don't sit down and just tell yourself that you don't have it. It's best to simply trust God and wait on Him, and he will see you through, just as how He has seen me through," advised Campbell.

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