STAR of the Month: Beenie Man is a Kartel fan

February 07, 2018
Lionel Rookwood/Photographer STAR of the Month Beenie Man.
Vybz Kartel

While noting that there are many dancehall artistes he rates, STAR of the Month Beenie Man confesses that he is a huge fan of Vybz Kartel.

"Him nuh deh a road but him still a mek song and a mash up di road same way. Is just di yute dem weh deh a road affi just put in di work. Mi nah put no one individual pon di spotlight, and as long as di people dem a see it yu will get there," he told THE STAR.

And, despite rumours that he was upset that Kartel's album was titled King of Dancehall, the man who has long been referred to as the king said he is in fact happy for the comparison that people are making to the Fever deejay.

"Weh mi like, dem stop compare mi wid mi peers, dem start compare me with di younger artistes. Mi like dat. Dem stop compare me with Bounty, dem start compare me with Kartel. Dem compare mi wid Alkaline, mi like dat," he said.

In fact, he said that he respects Kartel for giving his album that name.




"If Kartel wah be me, dat a great thing. Mi respect and love dat. Dat show me how great mi is. Mi love dat," Beenie Man said.

Although he rates Kartel highly, he says that he is a supporter of other dancehall artistes.

"Popcaan a mi artiste, but mi rate Tommy Lee and Masicka too. A bad deejay, di wul a dem; all a dem a bad deejay," he said.

He said that many artistes have the potential to have great careers.

"Each and everyone have the ability, the potential to be the next big thing but it takes work. You have to have the work ethic like Sean Paul, you have to have the work ethic of Shaggy," he said. "If yu nuh have dat, it nuh mek sense. Yu affi a work and mek di people dem see it, just like how Chronixx work and mek di people dem see it, (and) just like how Junior Gong work and mek the people dem see it."

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