Life & Times: Christie twins eager to help others

April 14, 2018
Eroldo (left) and Jeraldine Christie.

Jeraldine and Eroldo Christie are twins. They hail from Sanguinetti in Clarendon, and are children of Dena and Eroldo Christie Sr. They were born on January 23, 2008, but Eroldo was born first.

Eroldo admitted that he is the more talkative of the two, and this was also confirmed by his sister. Eroldo bragged that he loves to talk a lot, especially when he wants to tell persons whether they are nice to him or not.

Jeraldine shared that she likes the idea of having Eroldo as her twin, especially because he loves to talk. She added that she is proud of Eroldo because whenever she gets bored or sad, he cheers her up. Eroldo, on the other hand, made it clear that he is happy to have Jeraldine as a twin sister because she also cheers him up whenever he is sad. Eroldo noted that she also helps him to do chores at home.

The two shared that they are in the same class at the Sanguinetti Primary School. Jeraldine said that her dream is to become a medical doctor because she wants to help those who are sick.

"I really want to be able to look after those who are sick. I wish I could do so now, but I am too young and I am not even attending high school to sit exams and then move on to university. So, I guess I have to wait until I am of the right age. But whenever I see persons who are sick, I feel so bad that I am not able to help them," said Jeraldine.




As for Eroldo, he indicated that he wants to be a teacher. He said that there is a need to teach children right from wrong, and he wants to do just that.

"I want to teach them right from wrong and to be able to help them to be focused, so that they will be able to become what they want to be in life. Many of the children we have in Jamaica now are not doing the right things, and I want to be able to help make the change," said Eroldo.

Meanwhile, Jeraldine said that she enjoys eating the national dish, ackee and salt fish, with dumplings. She pointed out that she enjoys writing stories. For Eroldo, he likes eating rice and spaghetti, which according to him tastes great together. His favourite protein is fried chicken.

The two admitted that whenever one of them gets ill, the other gets ill shortly after.

"Whenever she gets ill, I pray for her, and whenever she is not well I do the chores she would normally do," said Eroldo.

The twins made it clear that they love attending church because it helps them to learn how to be good followers of Christ.

"I love church because it helps us to learn things about God. We also learn how to encourage persons to surrender their lives to the Lord," said Eroldo.


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