Testimony: Abandoned at birth, but saved by grace

May 05, 2018
Deacon Ricardo Ross

Like many persons, Deacon Ricardo Ross experienced abandonment in his life and reached the point of giving up.

Ross, who is a member of the John Austin Baptist Church in Clarendon, and who has been walking with the Lord for 26 years, testified that the Lord has helped him out of all his struggles, including abandonment.

His maternal grandmother took him from his mother and literally dumped him.

"I was disposed of in the bushes, pretty much to die. But today I am alive ... I must rejoice that God has been good to me," shared Ross.

Ross grew up with his paternal grandmother because his maternal grandmother never wanted him at the house where his mother was living.

His paternal grandmother rescued him and raised him.

Ross said that when she explained how he ended up with her, the story made him bitter. One day, his grandfather took him to see his mother.

"Where I found my mother was very disturbing and shocking, causing me to be more bitter and vicious as a young man. I visited my mother at an infirmary. She was mental, and I would attribute that to the fact that I was taken away from her, because she was crying for her baby," he said.

He was so angry that he went out intending to kill some persons because there was a set of persons who robbed him of a mother's love.

However, Ross was unable to carry out his wish because God changed everything. He also testified that he attempted to poison himself but God would not allow him to do so.

"God allowed someone to walk in, and there and then I changed my mind. I heard a voice say to me, 'when you do all of this, what will happen to you'? Having gone through all of that, I learnt how to love my grandmother, the same one who I was upset with. I grew to love her and in whatever way I could support her, I did," said Ross.

Ross also shared that God came through for him after he left Elim Agricultural School in St Elizabeth, from which he graduated with a certificate as a pre-trained teacher.

He testified that he wanted to attend college but never had the funds.

"I remember my principal called me in her office and told me that she had a letter from the Ministry of Education offering to upgrade all Elim graduates in a training programme. I immediately jumped on board. Having completed that course, I applied for a scholarship to Holland," noted Ross.

He said the requirement for the scholarship was for individuals to have first degrees. Ross only had a certificate in agriculture education.

"Out of over 100 applicants from Jamaica, I was the only person selected," said Ross.

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