Testimony: Backslider returns to church because of a dream

May 12, 2018
Minister Viris Brown

Viris Reid-Brown surrendered her life to the Lord during her early teenage years, but backslid not long after. She tried to run from God for years and never knew when she would have returned to her Maker. But one day, a dream told to her by a friend changed her way of living for the better.

Reid-Brown, who is affectionately called 'Rose' and who is currently a member of the Top Alston Full Truth Deliverance Centre Church in Clarendon, testified that she recommitted her life to God more than 15 years ago.

Now a minister of the gospel at that church, Reid-Brown shared that after she graduated from school as a teenager, she was not saved, and a friend told her she had a dream about her.

"She told me that she had a dream one night about me. She told me she had a dream in which she saw me fall dead at her feet, and at the time I was not saved. The dream tested my head for the whole day at work," said Reid-Brown.

She testified that when she went home that afternoon, a crusade was being held at the church she now serves. She confessed that she had no intention of going to service that night, but because of the dream which was shared with her by her friend and the thoughts going through her head for that entire day, she decided to attend.

The minister noted that there was a church sister with whom she joined a partner plan, and who was in attendance at the crusade, and so Reid-Brown said that she told her mother that she was going to see her.

"That was not really my intention. I wanted to go to church. I went and the crusade was in progress. I did not want to go in, so I stood at the window and was there listening. When the time for the altar call came, I was the first person to reach the altar that night," testified Reid-Brown.

She surrendered her life to the Lord that same night, and not long after that she requested her baptism for a Sunday morning. She was the only person who was baptised at the church that morning.

"The dream was a wake-up call for me, because I was a backslider. From the day I backslid there was a void inside of me which needed to be filled. I was resisting the move of God on me. I was not even attending church during the time when I was a backslider, because I knew that if I attended church I would have surrendered my life to the Lord," said Reid-Brown.

Reid-Brown stated that she was running from God, but she could not hide from Him. She pointed out that when she went back to work the Monday and told her friends the good news, they were all excited and happy for her.

"After I got baptised, they were all saying that I would get married soon. I was hoping and praying, but it was not a reality at the time. I worked at an establishment for about 15 years, then it closed. One month after leaving I got married. God has been blessing me, and He has blessed me with a very good husband," testified the church minister.

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