Saved by the grace of God

May 26, 2018
George Henry photo Reverend Callis Thompson

The Reverend Callis Thompson is alive and well today in her Clarendon home, but had it not been for the grace and mercy of God, she could have been beneath the cold, clammy clay today.

"I was on my way from a youth camp where I went to give some encouraging words to campers," shared Thompson.

She noted that on her way back from the camp, she asked one of her deacons to drive for her, and the vehicle met in an accident close to Shooters Hill in Manchester.

"I was hospitalised unconscious for four days. It was said that I was talking and talking sensibly, but they couldn't understand that I was not here. I heard that a man was driving in the opposite direction and fell asleep. I was sitting in the front passenger seat, and another brother was behind me," said Thompson.

The church leader shared that four days after the accident, when she regained consciousness and realised that she was in the hospital, she was told that she was hospitalised because she was in a crash.

"The person saw me looking strange. I had a broken hip, a dislocated shoulder, a chop on my knee and a terrible chop in my head. Persons said they were looking on my brain following the accident," Thompson said.

Thompson, who has been saved for more than 40 years and who pastored the Fearon Full Truth Church of God Deliverance Centre in Clarendon for 18 years, shared that she had to be travelling back and forth from Clarendon to Kingston for treatment, as well as surgery on her hip, which had to be pinned. She also had surgery done on her shoulder. She added that she also had to use a wheelchair, a walker, and a cane to get around.


"After I regained consciousness at the hospital, persons who visited me said they thought it was over for me. They said I was not coming back. When they came and saw the state I was in, they said that I would not have made it. Also, when persons went to the accident scene, they said the two men who were in the car with me might have made it, but I was not going to make it," Thompson said.

"God is awesome. When I regained consciousness, I said, 'Lord, I refuse to ask you where you were. Because I know that You told me that if I made my bed in hell, You are there, and if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost part of the sea, You are there. So, I know You were there. So why did You permit this?'," Thompson said.

She said God told her that He wanted praises out of her accident. She shared that even while feeling excruciating pain, she was able to give praises to the Lord.

"It took a miracle to see me walking around now, so God is awesome," testified Thompson.


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