My Confession: My friend's man gives me amazing oral sex

June 08, 2018

Me say STAR, about two years now, me and me friend a share a little room. The two a we come from country, but we a stay inna town for university.

Anyway, she have a nice, clean boyfriend who always a come spend the weekends. Me always tell her it no convenient cuz a just one small room with two likkle bed.

Me no normally walk round in a lot a clothes when me deh home, and because him was there, me never did a go start put on clothes to please dem.

More time, me catch him a eyes me out, but she always clueless to everything cuz she say she trust him and always say him no like fat girl.

As far as she seet, him will never have any interest in me cuz me a thickas. She trust him so much so till she start leave go back a country on some weekends, and miss lady leave her man and me alone at home.

We have some other little fass girl who always ask her if she no worry say him a go look me cuz me always naked, and she say no.

But on about the fourth weekend when she go country, me inna the kitchen a prepare me breakfast and just feel him tongue a travel from the back a me foot come up.

Me did frighten, but me never stop him because the sensation was out of this world. Soon after, him give me the most intensifying oral sex me ever get.

She come home the Sunday night, and him act like nothing no happen. We never talk about it, but is like both a we just pray fi she leave fi him come dine on me plate.

A good likkle while it a happen now, and me no think it a go stop. In reality, me never have sex with him cuz a just oral him a give me, don't?

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