Faith can move mountains

June 16, 2018
George Henry photo Akeem Nembhard

Many have testified that they have received blessings from their Maker at times when they thought nothing would happened.

Akeem Nembhard of the Christiana Seventh-day Adventist Church in Manchester is one example.

Nembhard, who has been saved for eight years, and who has been serving his church as assistant men's ministry leader and Adventist youth choir assistant, testified that he was going through financial difficulties at one point, and had no idea where funds were coming from to help him.

"I was going around soliciting funds and all of that; but I was not receiving anything. So, at one point I decided that I was going to give up," testified Nembhard.

He shared that he decided to pray to the Lord for help one night, and by the next morning he received a call.

"Somebody from out of the blue just called me and said to me that some money would be sent to me so I should go to the Western Union to collect it," testified Nembhard.

Nembhard shared that the money was sent to him by an uncle in the US. But he was quick to say that his uncle had no idea that he was faced with financial issues.

He recalled that when he collected the money, he decided that he would give back a portion to the Lord.

He said this decision was taken because it was the Lord who provided after he went to Him in prayer.

"After I gave back to God I was able to give a school some money that was requested of me to pay for tuition. That was my experience with the Lord, and I could have mentioned many more," said Nembhard.

He added that he has always been grateful to God for He has always been on time to help him.

The young Christian leader is recommending that persons who are experiencing any form of struggle, need to exercise faith in God and He will come through for them.

"Just hold on to God and He will see you through. Just have faith like a mustard seed and you will move mountains," said Nembhard.


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