Cheers To The Cup: Victory party at 'Brazil's Headquarters'

July 03, 2018
Brazil supporters celebrate their team's win on Sixth Street.
Jubilant Brazil supporters celebrate the win through the communities of Trench Town and Arnett Gardens after the match between Brazil and Mexico yesterday.
All aboard! Jubilant Brazil supporters celebrate the win over Mexico with this motorcade through the communities of Trench Town and Arnett Gardens.
Brazil supporters pour a drink of J Wray and Nephew overproof as they celebrate the win.
A Brazil supporter on Sixth Street shows off his replica Neymar jersey.
Bobo shows a picture of Neymar while celebrating the Brazil goal against Mexico in Craig Town.

The community of Arnett Gardens should unofficially be named 'Little Brazil' throughout the FIFA World Cup season.

Yesterday, the celebration was almost deafening following Brazil's 2-0 victory over Mexico.

"Me is a real Brazilian from birth. Me just live a Rema. Me eat Brazilian, me live Brazilian and me only wear Brazilian hair," an excited female shouted to the news team as she showed off her synthetic fibre hair.

It is no secret that the community has a passion for music and football and this was evident along Collie Smith Drive.

Both sides of the avenue were decorated with hundreds of Brazil's supporters who paraded along the stretch.

"Brazil is the only team we know. Mi not even watch English leagues. Other than Premier League a just World Cup. A whole heap a people tell me say me side a go home and now me can't see dem. All a me taxi brethren who mock me and tell me say we a leave pon the next plane out, it look like dem a drive a next route, cuz me can't see dem," said Junior as he poured a shot of Wray and Nephew rum for his friends.

While persons in the massive crowd partied to Versatile's single 'Watch Over Me Head', others opted to join one of several motorcades that made their way to the 'Brazil Headquarters' on Sixth Street.

"Nuff a dem a wagonist and waan come pon mi team but me tell dem say dem can't do it until the next four years," Junior added.

Over on Sixth Street, music blared loudly from the speaker boxes as the massive continued to celebrate.

Pot covers, whistles, horns and other paraphernalia were used to hype the 'World Cup party'.

When the streets weren't enough to contain their excitement, some took to the building tops to wave their flags and do their victory dance.

"Me a the only Spaniard inna Rema but me a gwaan hold it and help Brazil celebrate dem victory. World Cup bring unity in the community. No war nah gwaan but all if that did a gwan, the man dem would unite. It really brings us together," Spain fan Kevin said as he continues to wave the flag of the European fan that was sent packing by Russia on Sunday.

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