Corporal Shenseea ... Sexy artist wanted to be a cop

July 10, 2018

Shenseea is without a doubt one of the most fashionable female entertainers in the industry. The singer admits to owning more than 100 pairs of shoes and closets full of clothes. But it could surprise many that the attractive entertainer, at one point, saw herself wearing combat boots, bulletproof vest and having a gun in her waistband. Yes, Shenseea wanted to become a cop! And not one behind the desk, but someone doing operational work.

"I'm not the office type, so it would have to be in the field," she said.

"I would be firing nuff gunshot, too. It just rough, and a lot of people would often ask me why me would go in policing, but I'm the type to do the opposite of what people think of me. It is not to spite them, but that's who I am," she said.

The Loodi singer recently showed off her firing skills in an Instagram video.

"I don't really don't have a huge interest in guns, but I would like to get my own someday; but for now, I don't think it is safe or just the right time for it," Shenseea said.

According to Shenseea, when the heels and cute dresses are off, she is the typical tomboy.

"If it wasn't for Romeich, I would probably get a bike first. I have one of the four-wheel, but dem no waah teach me how to ride it. I like to walk barefoot sometimes until me foot bottom crack, climb trees and even ride bicycle," she said.

She told THE STAR that she, however, adjusts her image to show off her girlie side at times.

"Being a public figure is not just about me. I have to cater to my supporters, plus I am not just strictly a tomboy. I do have days when I want to dress up and look nice, but just to take pictures inna the heels and take them off after," she said, between laughter.

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