Cheers to the Cup: World Cup vibes buried to with 'big' teams

July 11, 2018
Jackie, a Brazil fan, is now rooting for England to win the World Cup because of the Jamaican connections.
Don looks stressed as he watches the game.
An animated Alan is amazed by the football on show.

With the 2018 World Cup champions two games away from being decided, one would have thought that the excitement would have been at fever-pitch levels.

But that is not the case, at least in Seaview Gardens, a community that is still mourning the untimely death of Brazil in the quarter-finals last Friday.

"The entire World Cup vibes kinda a get dead now because a whole heap a big team gone home," said Don, a resident of the western St Andrew community.

He was among the football lovers who turned up at Que Banks bar to watch the game between France and Belgium yesterday and say 'Cheers to the Cup'.

Sadly for him, as well as most persons present, their team failed to make it this far. In addition to Brazil, which fell by the wayside, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Urgugay all let down their supporters.

Yesterday, however, was a day for those who dared to dream of putting their hands on the most coveted football silverware.


Belgium was meeting France in the first semi, and strange enough, Brazil fans had hopped on to the Belgium wagon. They were again in for heartbreak as France won the game 1-0.

"Is a real idiaat goalkeeper dat! Jah know!," a disappointed Belgium fan said as he sank further in his seat.

Jackie, the bartender, spent lots of time cheering for Belgium. However, realising that France appeared unbeatable, she hopped on the wagon and focused on her bartending duties.

Today, she has one eye on England, who play Croatia in the second semi-final, and another eye on Qatar 2022 when she hopes Brazil will shake the monkey off their backs and win their first title since 2002.

"England me waah win, worse dem have some Jamaicans pon dem side. Me a Brazilian for life same way and the next four years we a go out and clean again," Jackie said.

But Kevin, Que Bank's part owner, has decided not to hop on to any more wagon, having twice hit his face hard during the course of this tournament.

"Nigeria gone home and a my side that, so me did start push Brazil. But dem bury dah side deh the other day, so now me just waah the better of the four teams win," he said.

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