Testimony: Heavenly Father made a way for him

July 14, 2018
Curtis Brown

The Lord will always make a way for His people, no matter how difficult we think the situations we face are.

Whenever we are disappointed by others, He miraculously turns up to see us through.

Well, that statement is shared by retired bishop of the Full Truth Church of God Deliverance Centre, Curtis G Brown.

Brown, who has been walking with the Lord for almost 50 years and who is a member of the Morant branch of the church in Clarendon, testified that he was disappointed by his father several decades ago while he was a youngster attending elementary school, but God came through for him.

"I was at school and doing well, even helping all my classmates with mathematics to ensure that they did well. And when the time came for me to sit the Jamaica Local Examination, he (his father) was supposed to pay just two shillings for me to sit the exam, and he did not. What was most disappointing to me is that the teachers were waiting for the fee to be paid so that I could be on the list to sit the exams, but it was never paid," said the retired bishop.

Brown shared that because the fee was not paid, he left school without any form of qualification. He said that despite being disappointed by his father, he had to learn the skill of carpentry.

"From there, I was invited to Knox College by someone, and I met with one of the school's founders, who took me on as the plant manager there. In my opinion I was good in the field in which I was employed. I was used by my employer to go places to purchase vehicles and anything that was needed at the school," said Brown.

Brown worked assiduously for decades at Knox until the time of his retirement some years ago.

"I was disappointed by my father, who failed to pay for my examination at school, but the Lord helped me to learn the skill of carpentry so that I could get employment at Knox College to earn for myself and my family. God really came through for me," said Brown.

The church leader noted that despite his disappointment from his father, while he (Brown) was working, he gave money to him at the end of every month so that he could take care of his needs.

Brown said that he did not hold a grudge against or remained disappointed in his father because God was able to see him through.

"God has always been good to me. [My] father failed me, but God helped me. My earthly father disappointed, me but my heavenly father helped me," he testified.

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