My Confession: I got pregnant for my friend's man


July 20, 2018

STAR, more time when me reflect on me life, me wonda if me past a go haunt me.

Me change now still, but one time me did terrible. A me used to name 'take gyal man and no care'. Most a my life me was always the side chick, but yuh have one instance whe stand out inna my memory.

Me used to deh with me friend man, but me and di girl was like two peas in a pod. We share everything, including food and clothes, but she always say she no run man joke.

But a pity she never know say me a take him equally with her.

Him used to take care of her so when him start make pass at me, it never take nothing to give him a piece.

At first me just take it as a 'friends with benefits' ting, but afterward feeling start develop. Me friend suspect say him have woman, and more time she bawl eye wata to me.

For some reason me conscience never badda me, and me all help her trace a gal who she suspect a take him. Months turn into years, and the bwoy all start sleep a me yard and me a wonder how she no suspect, because we live next door to each other.

Then again, him always give her the impression like him can't stand me. She go get pregnant and shortly after me get pregnant, too. She think a destiny cuz both a we get pregnant same time.

Me tell her it was a one-night stand and mi babyfadda cut gone back a farrin. The two a we baby a months apart but, thankfully, my son fava me bad.

Every day the two kids play together, but she don't know dem a brother and sister. Me and him leave ya now cuz me conscience start bother me wicked.

She all buy clothes for me baby. Me find a nice man now, but all now me can't tell her say her babyfadda is my babyfadda, too.

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