Testimony: Healed by the hand of God

July 21, 2018
Monique Davis-Jarrett

Prayer changes things, and that was exactly the belief Monique Davis-Jarrett had when she decided to go for prayer some years ago while being affected by a stomach problem while attending teachers' college.

Davis-Jarrett shared that for years, she had the stomach problem, which caused her to be in and out of school on a number of occasions.

"Doctors believed I was having a gas problem. At one stage, they were wondering if I was having ulcers, but whatever medicine they were giving me did not help," shared Davis-Jarrett.

The churchwoman, who currently worships at the Frankfield New Testament Church of God in Clarendon where she serves as district ladies' ministry president, noted that since becoming a Christian at the age of 12, she has learnt how to trust the Lord. She added that it was always her belief that the Lord is a healer.

"I told the Lord that if it was not the stomach first He was going to heal, then it had to be my ear which was infected, because I was suffering from sinusitis. I remember while I was at college, there was a crusade close to our campus, and a special speaker was down to preach," said the churchwoman.

She said that one night, she went to the crusade, and the preacher extended an altar call to all persons who needed prayer, but especially to persons who were experiencing stomach problems. Davis-Jarrett added that she was not aware of anyone else being affected by the problem but said to herself that she knew she was experiencing it.




"I saw somebody got up same time, and I said to myself, 'You have it, and I know I have it also, so I am going to the altar.' He (the preacher) asked somebody to stand behind me, but somebody who was standing beside me held on to my shoulder and was praying for my stomach. I don't know who was holding on to my stomach, but all I know is that I felt a warmth which went straight into my body and like something was pulled out of me," said Davis-Jarrett.

She shared that when these feelings came upon her, she screamed out loudly. She added that when she was screaming, a voice spoke to her and said, 'You don't see the people looking at you and laughing?' Davis-Jarrett noted that she responded by telling the voice that she did not care.

"I said I did not care because I came for my healing, and I am going back to my seat with my healing. Leaving the altar, I felt like I was really healed. I sat down in the bench and was in awe because I did not feel the stomach problem I went to the altar with anymore," shared Davis-Jarrett.

She noted that when she went through the door on her way back to teachers' college, a voice spoke to her and told her not to say anything to anyone about her healing until after three days had passed. She said she obeyed and only shared her good news after three days had passed.

"I started sharing with my roommate, and said, 'You know, I received healing, divine healing.' When that warmth came into my stomach and pulled out whatever was there, I felt like there was something left empty and soothed my stomach. I knew it was the hand of God.

"From that day until now, I have not been affected anymore with stomach problem," testified Davis-Jarrett.

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