Life and Times: Peta-Gaye cements her commitment to God

August 11, 2018
Contributed Minister Denise Johnson-Knight (left) and Bishop Donald Dawson (right) prepare to baptise Watson.
Contributed Peta-Gaye Watson before she was baptised.

Peta-Gaye Watson has always been conscious that it is a good thing when persons make the decision to walk with the Lord and serve him in spirit and in truth.

Watson, who surrendered her life to God more than four months ago, received her water baptism recently at the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God in Clarendon and said it was the best decision in her life.

During her testimony before being baptised by Bishop Donald Dawson and Minister Denise Johnson-Knight, Watson said she had always had a burning desire to be baptised, and so she asked her pastor to perform the Christian act.

"I chose the right time to go to pastor and to inform him that I was ready. I felt that if I did not give my heart to the Lord, something bad would have happened to me. When I started with God, it was not easy because the devil brought up a lot of things into my life. but each time when he came up with them, I asked the Lord to help me," said the young convert.

She said that as a single parent who is not married, it is not easy, and the devil will always try things to get to persons like her.

However, Watson said she knows that God loves her and will provide for her.

"If it was about myself, I would not have been here. I would have been out there going on and doing all sorts of worldly things. But the Lord knows that it is not my wish to be out there, but it is my hope to remain here to do His work. I know that I have a lot to do for God. I have talent, and I have a lot of work to do. He is going to help me to serve Him right and to do His will," said Watson.

Watson also told the congregation that she had asked the Lord to help her to get rid of many things from her life, including negative people, and God has already helped her in that regard.

"I know that some of these people are going to try to come back again, but I am ready for them because I do not give up so easily. But I am a praying person, and it doesn't matter how long one prays, God will answer your prayers one day," assured Watson.

She asked the congregation to pray for her continually so that she could continue to walk with the Lord.


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