Call To The Bar: Chill Zone is the new hideaway in St Ann's Bay

August 30, 2018
Cher the bartender welcomes you to Chill Zone.
Cher the bartender is ready to serve.
Owner of Chill Zone, Radcliffe Dawkins, said the Overproof is the best seller by far.
The gaming boxes are also frequently used in the bar.

It might take some searching to find the recently opened Chill Zone, located along Main Street, St Ann’s Bay, but that is what makes it the perfect hideaway spot.

Opened late last year, the Chill Zone is actually located on the upper floor of a building across the road from the Total gas station but with a side entrance, it is hardly visible from the front.

But patrons, from new drinkers to seasoned campaigners, know just how to get to the new facility so they can enjoy their favourite drink.

Once inside, they warm to the wonderful ambience and atmosphere, which is characterised by excellent service and “good music.”

“We sell a lot of Wray and Nephew products, particularly the Wray and Nephew White Overproof, that is the top seller,” revealed proprietor, Radcliffe Dawkins. “Business was up and down but it seems to be on the increase now. It’s improving so I’m very happy for the Wray and Nephew promotion which should help even more.”   

Cher the bartender is kept busy during the evening hours and into the night when most clients turn up to have a drink.

“A wide cross section of people make up our clientele base and like the name says, this is where you come when you really want to chill, said Dawkins. "It’s quiet, it’s away from the crowd and the congestion and once you enter you just feel the difference.”

Cher chimes in: “We’re still new so we invite everyone to come and check us out. We offer excellent service in a nice atmosphere, you’ll have a good time, you can listen to some good music. Just come and chill with us.”

And while you’re there, you can also enjoy playing the slot machines.

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