My Testimony: God gave her the wisdom to succeed

October 20, 2018
George Henry photo Shirley Taylor

For Shirley Taylor of the Denbigh Gospel Assembly in Clarendon, walking with God for 42 years has been a wonderful journey.

Taylor, who has served in various capacities in her church, including Sunday-school teacher, choir member, and secretary/treasurer, said God has been good to her over these many years and has seen her through many things.

"I was a quiet person and one who many could refer to as 'snake under grass'. However, God delivered me from all those kinds of activities that I might have got involved in, and so, having kept me over these years, I am really grateful," shared Taylor.

She added that there was something personal that she wanted to do at one point on her Christian journey that she was very doubtful that she could manage.

She wanted to study to upgrade herself as a teacher but was uncertain that she could cope with the work.

"I remember when I was supposed to go to the University of the West Indies, and a friend of mine got the application form for me and said to me, 'Shirley, it is now time that you study'. I had already gone to Mico Teachers' College (now the Mico University College), where I was trained, but she said it was time for me to upgrade," said Taylor.

Taylor was successful in her application and started her three-year programme.

She admitted that she doubted herself as to whether she would have been able to manage her studies.

Even though persons saw her as on intelligent individual, she never did.

"I did a bachelor of science degree in accounting. I did well in the studies and came away with second-class honours, and I even went on to do my master's degree and was able to complete it in the time given. I was at the primary school before, then I went to Denbigh High School, where I have been working for 24 years. I was not considering that I would have been offered a position as vice-principal, and I have been serving in the capacity now for three years," testified Taylor.

She stressed that God has been good to her in many other ways, including allowing her to bear a child and marry to a wonderful husband.



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