STAR of the Month: D’Angel chose music career over Bounty Killer

March 08, 2019
Bounty Killer

Michelle Downer was at the height of her modelling career when she met dancehall heavyweight Bounty Killer.

The STAR of the Month said that it did not take long for her to be attracted to his “strong personality”, adding that he was always supportive of her modelling endeavours.

Despite being together for several years with children and marriage on the tables, the relationship reached a crossroads when ‘D’Angel’ was birthed.

According to the singjay, the ‘Warlord’ did not want them to be co-workers for one reason.

“Him a seh because it’s a male-dominated field, as his woman, he didn’t want me to get involved in music because it’s hard and rough. He knew ‘cause he went through it,” D’Angel told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“He supported what I did as a model, but he never supported my transition as an artiste.”

This created a rift between the couple as the Break Free singer sought to pursue her dream despite his disapproval.

“It pressured the relationship a lot. I am very strong-minded, and if I want something in life, nobody can deter that,” she said. “He always said I was a good singer, so he wanted me to focus on that. I wanted to sing, plus deejay, too. I wanted to do both, and I just felt restricted, so I said to myself, ‘This is not going to work.’

She said that she “went behind his back” to record Uptown Living, which would turn out to be her 2005 breakout single. When brought to her then partner, D’Angel said he responded to the track with “a little nod.”

Then came the ultimatum.

“I gave him the option: Help me to pursue this, since you’ve already gone through that road and you know the ins and outs of itand I’m just being introduced to it. Help me so I can pursue my dreams. He refused to, so I had to choose, and I chose my dream. That is how it (the relationship) ended. I wanted different things.”

When asked about their current relationship, D’Angel noted that there is no bad blood with Bounty Killer and that they are “cool”.

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