STAR of the Month: ‘I was nailed to the cross’ - D’Angel says cheating accusations have hurt her the most

March 11, 2019

She prides herself on being a figure of motivation and empowerment through her music, but dancehall singjay D’Angel has had a few dark days of her own.

In a career spanning more than a decade, D’Angel says many rumours have been created to tarnish her name, but only one truly hurt her.

After giving birth to the son she shares with her then husband Beenie Man in 2006, she was accused of cheating. This, she said, shattered her world.

“That hurt me the most inna me life, being accused of infidelity, that cut me deep,” the STAR of the Month said.

“Me grow up inna church. Me never tek two man from me born, and when my ex-husband accused me of infidelity that was the craziest thing ever. Me just have baby, C-section, wah kind of man me coulda tek when me just have C-section?” she asked.

The accusation not only affected their marriage, but also her music career and everyday life.

“I was nailed to the cross, 99 per cent of the world came down on me so hard, dem call me the worst names,” she recalled.


“Every weh me go, dem boo me, dem cuss me, dem slaughter me. It’s like me couldn’t escape it. I still had to be doing normal things like playing the role of a mother, going to the school, supermarket. People would cut dem eye at me, and I just prayed about it. Me never drink, me never smoke, me never go mad, but it was hard for me.”

As a means of therapy and self-expression, D’Angel headed to the studio and created one of her biggest songs to date, Stronger.

“That situation put me through hell, but it gave me a big song too. Stronger helped a lot of women going through the same thing and help them overcome it. Stronger healed me. It healed a lot of women and answered some unanswered questions at the time,” she said.

She added that she is yet to receive an apology from Beenie Man, but said she has forgiven him.

“Him know nothing nuh go so, but it’s just the male ego. You see someone who is an entertainer, but don’t know who they really are. I just have to live my life. Sometimes no matter weh yuh do, everybody nah go love yuh, and that’s fine with me,” D’Angel said.

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