STAR of the Month: D’Angel has a love affair with fashion

March 22, 2019
Styled by Stephanie Fashion, D’Angel takes high fashion to the tennis court.
D’Angel shows off her sneakers.
D’Angel’s tulle skirts are often paired with T-shirts.
This yellow jacket can jazz up almost any outfit.

If reggae music is to Jamaica, then fashion is to D’Angel. The singer and ‘forever model’ has had an affinity for getting dolled up since she was a child, and her current clothing collection is evidence that her love affair with fashion is here to stay.

The Brand New singer recently gave THE WEEKEND STAR a tour of her closet that extends into her bedroom, and another room that is used to store some performance and winter pieces.

“My fashion style is anything that represents me. I’m very laid-back yet extravagant, and I’m very risqué in fashion,” she said.

“I don’t limit myself, and I don’t have to wear what is happening. I wear what I am comfortable with, notwithstanding the fashion trend.”

Her main closet is neatly stacked with casual wear, from business to ‘mommy appropriate’ dress shirts, easy-breezy dresses, rompers, bodysuits, skirt and shorts suits, and long-printed skirts that she pairs with tank tops and pieces from her T-shirt line. There is also a bevy of ‘freakum’ dresses that, “Is a must-have for every woman,” she said.

“You know you have to have that little, go-to black dress, so if you’re going to the club, you can draw for it with your black stilettos. I learnt that in modelling,” she said.

Her other closet areas are mostly filled with performance pieces, which she orchestrates with her stylist of two years Stephanie Fashion.

“She’s from Los Angeles, and she goes above and beyond for me,” she said. “I have to be doing so much as an artiste and a mother, so God blessed me with someone, who is not just my stylist, but someone who is passionate about what I do.”

Her stage outfits include a variety of tulle skirts, sequin dresses and an impressive lot of custom-made pieces from local designers, like Pebbles King, Jermaine Green, Uzuri International and Andrea Jacobs.

From a yellow, raincoat-inspired jacket to a stoned-out denim suit, D’Angel’s stage catalogue screams international appeal with a touch of that Rihanna, punk-rock edge.

Her footwear ranges from knee length boots, strappy heels, multicoloured stilettos to sneakers and sandals from brands like Steve Madden, Zara Trafaluc, Jessica Simpson, Gucci, and Public Desire.

But do not get it twisted, she is not bedazzled by brand names.

“You can be in your designer and somebody with regular clothes come flop yuh. As a fashionista, you have to mix and blend fashion. I wear anything as long as it is of good quality. ”

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