My Confession: I had sex with a hermaphrodite

May 10, 2019

So, STAR, I have a weird story, and I know some persons, especially men, are going to turn up their nose at me, but I don’t care.

About 15 years ago, I met the most beautiful girl ever. She was recently divorced and fresh on the market. I asked her out a couple of times, and she politely rejected me. But based on her beauty, I could not leave her alone.

She finally said yes, and we began dating. I would even borrow money to buy her the best gifts there was in order to impress her. After a few weeks, it was time to hook up, and my ‘ting’ was stiff in my pants before she even took off her top.

Anyway, STAR, it was like her body was in heat after I start to rub down her body. The next thing I feel is something rising in her underwear. Mi drag out mi hands fast, and then mi feel again. I felt her clit, but something else was getting larger each time I touched her private parts.

I was shocked, so I asked her what it was, and she told me that this was the reason she didn’t want to date me. She told me she was a hermaphrodite I don’t know what got over me, but I was turned on by what I saw and felt.

Each time I caressed her body, both of her sex organs would get really hard, and I felt like a boss. When I couldn’t take the tension anymore, I flicked the ‘penis’ aside and give her a piece a ‘stabbing’ deh. Mi nah lie, is one a the nicest experience me ever have, so mi couldn’t wait to do it again.

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