Church seeks keyboardist, drummer


December 10, 2015

A small Portmore, St Catherine-based church is seeking a full-time gifted Christian keyboard player and a talented Christian drummer.

THE STAR has this week in its Jobs to Go feature making a match between persons seeking to fill vacancies and the employers who are desirous of filling same. After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job vacancies, our news team connected with one of the leaders of the Christian congregation.

The church is led by a husband and a wife co-pastor. Both call for a candidate that is able to play at the church's Sunday morning services at 9:30 and their choir practice on Fridays at 7 p.m., stating "a modest remuneration will be discussed for agreement".

"I want the skilled musician who is trained, I want the anointing," the co-pastor said. "I don't want anyone who is just money grabbing. We are a small church and we don't have a lot of money. That's why I put a small remuneration. Most people don't seem to mind anyway."

The successful candidate would be expected to coordinate musical selections as desired with a certain level of competence and experience.

religious services

A keyboardist or drummer is expected to provide music for religious services, and should be prepared to take the initiative to choose the music themselves, or work with a music director or choir to accomplish the task.

According to the co-pastor, she is of the view that the candidate should practice the same religious belief as the congregation.

"What I am looking for is someone who is gifted and a true Christian," she said. "Somebody who has that sort of anointing when they are playing, not somebody who is just doing a job."

She was sure to note, too, that she desires a talented musician with some sort of certification.

"I want somebody who really can play! Someone who can play by ear, and someone who is educated in music," she said "So, being a past or current student at the Edna Manley School would be an asset. I would want the person to have gotten training."

If interested, you'll have to act fast. The religious leader stated that she was quite surprised at just how much interest has been generated since posting the initial ad.

"So far, the Gleaner Classifieds really works! I posted the ad on Sunday and up to today (December 9), I'm still getting calls!" she said.

Interested persons can contact the church at (876) 851-9898.

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