Calling all carpenters!

May 19, 2016

Good with your hands? Think you can build furniture from scratch? Maybe you're an experienced and certified carpenter. Well, if any of the aforementioned sounds fitting, here's an excellent job opportunity!

THE STAR in its Jobs to Go feature section this week sought to match between employers and job seekers. After searching

the Gleaner Classifieds for job postings this week, our news team made contact with Wayne Moulton, the owner of a furniture manufacturing company located on Brunswick Avenue in Spanish Town. The need for a furniture builder was outlined in the

classifieds ad.

The entity's management has been tasked with seeking either an earnest apprentice or an

experienced carpenter as the company looks at expanding.

"We are a small company and we are trying to expand," he said "Right now I'm getting a lot of orders."

According to Moulton, the job is as exactly as it sounds.

"It's really just cutting out parts and assembling them, making them from scratch," he said. "We use drills, circular saws and jointers to get the board together."

According to the proprietor, those he finds most desirable in filling his vacancies do not

necessarily have to possess |

several years of experience, but they ought to exemplify their fair share of initiative and show a willingness to work.

"If I can get an apprentice, I will take one on because I'm someone who believes in giving the youth a chance," the business operator explained.

"I believe in giving chances, and from you come and you know your measurements, then fine. Building furniture is all about measurements."

Being formally trained in the realm would not hurt either.

"If they are certified, it would be an asset," Moulton said. "Someone who went to HEART maybe."

Both males and females of any age are eligible to apply "once they are able" Moulton joked.

Interested persons may

contact the entity at 421-9801 for further information.

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