Calling all promo girls!

May 26, 2016

If you are a young and attractive lady who loves to socialise and has a bubbly personality, listen up! Perhaps being a promotional girl is right up your alley as you get to mix a bit of business with pleasure in taking up the job.

Ronald Davis, 36, proprietor of Girl Bush Sports Bar and Grill located at 216B Old Hope Road, Papine, Kingston 6, is now tasked with finding a range of women of all shapes and sizes ages 18-30 to fill 10 vacancies.

THE STAR this week in its Jobs & Careers feature seeks to make a match between employers and employees. After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job vacancies, our news team connected with Davis, who is eager to welcome prospective candidates to his Yellow Tape Promotional Girls team.

"We need girls to promote bars," Davis began. "We also own a bar, and they would come to entertain by dancing and entertaining the customer. Whenever a customer comes, they greet them and stuff like that. We need a promotional group where we send girls to not only our bar, but to other bars around the country. Weekend time, people run short on girls."

To become a promotional girl, or promo girl for short, there are typically no requirements of formal of academic qualifications. But looks are of consequence.

"Normally, we would go for persons who are fat or slim, it would not matter. But maybe the shape of their body

[matters]," the proprietor added.

Additionally, don't think its easy work, Davis stressed. Typically, payment is commission-based, cementing that candidates should expect to really put in some work, despite the misconception that the job consists of solely free nights out with free drinks abounding.

"Some of them get liquor when they entertain persons, and if they buy them liquor, we purchase it back from them," Davis said. "They get a base pay, but that part would work as a form of commission. When a girl gets some liquor by making the customer feel good, instead of her selling it somewhere, we would then buy it back from her and sell it to give her the money,"

If you're still reading with interest in applying, don't worry, just be personable.

"That type of job is for somebody who is a people person who can have a discussion with people and make a person comfortable," the businessman explained. "It involves entertaining, normal dancing, not go-go dancing. Just be a polite person who knows how to talk to people."

Interested persons may contact Davis at call 283-9416 or 412-0990 for more information.

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