'I showed everyone I could do it' - Hair stylist proving her detractors wong

May 26, 2016
Contributed Shauntelle Peart
Contributed Shauntelle Peart

n Hairstylist proving her detractors wrong

The refusal of other hairstylists to teach a then 17-year-old Shauntelle Peart the intricate skills needed for her to succeed as a hairdresser did not deter her and she is now on her way to opening her own store.

"When I started out, I tried to learn from some hairdressers but a lot of stylists in Jamaica keep to themselves and refused to help me so I had to teach myself," she explained.

The past student of St Hugh's High School for Girls said she had been doing her own hair for years when she decided she was talented enough to do the hair of others. The now 19-year-old started her business, Flawlessly Fabulous, which makes wigs and offers other services, two years ago.

Peart told THE STAR that she had been determined to prove herself to persons who had discouraged her from pursuing owning her own business. "In the beginning, a lot of persons were saying I can't do it, but I believed in myself and ensured I showed everyone I could do it," she explained.

According to the University of Technology student, she has not regretted her decision as her work has become popular among hair enthusiasts. "My clients always leave pleased, and now I have customers from as far as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada," she added.

But the economics major, who works from her home, is not satisfied with the growth of her clientele and has her eyes set on expansion. "I am working towards opening my own store in two years, which will have ready-made wigs, and persons can come in to do their hair on site," she explained.

Learning to balance has been critical for the entrepreneur to maintain her 3.42 grade point average and to keep her customers happy. "Having my own business has taught me a lot about managing my time because I want to be successful in everything I do," said Peart.

Persons who are interested in starting their own business were encouraged by Peart to not listen to detractors. "If you have a goal or talent, do it, and don't let others tell you don't do it, believe in yourself and you are already ahead of the game," she added.

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