Skilled workers needed

June 23, 2016

Are you experienced in carpentry, furniture making, welding, roofing, fabrication, masonry, tiling, plumbing or electrical technology? Well, listen up; here's an excellent job opportunity!

This week, THE STAR has again sought to make linkages between employers and employees in its Jobs and Careers section.

Following a search of The Gleaner Classifieds for job postings, our news team reached out to the administrator of a construction company, 37-year-old Scheed Cole. The proprietor told our news team that there are opportunities for persons in these fields on an ongoing basis.

"I run a recycling company called 360 Cycle," he began. "We collect recycled materials. We don't export, but use them to construct the structures that we are building. We do various parks and playgrounds and various green projects."

Cole is tasked with looking for eligible candidates to occupy these vacancies. In some cases, these skilled persons are utilised for various projects. Most often, specialised training is offered, he added.

"We are looking for persons who can work independently, who have good mastery of their tools," he revealed. "They should be able to work in different parishes and have a good wealth of experience. Over five years' experience in their field. Basically, that is a run-down of the ideal candidate."

In the proprietor's estimation, while it is of benefit to a candidate who is duly qualified in their respective field, he stressed that experience and the quality of a person's work speaks for itself.

"We also ask for certification, but sometimes we get persons who are certified but not capable enough when given the opportunity," Cole said. "We have some persons that have up to 10-20 years' experience, and experience is necessary for us to hire. If possible, they can have some sort of portfolio work to show. That's why we open it to anybody. Experience oftentimes outweighs certification,"

For enquiries, interested persons are invited to send rEsumEs to: or contact (876) 809-2909 or (876) 396-6026 for further details.

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