Andrene Smith has found her passion

July 07, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Andrene Smith
Contributed Smith shows off another of her wigs
Contributed Andrene Smith shows off one of her wigs
Some of Smith's wigs on display

Despite numerous promotions within the company she worked in for more than five years, Andrene Smith was still dissatisfied with her career as an operations manager. For her, that signalled the need for a career change.

Her interest in hair, which made her watch multiple YouTube videos, made her stumble upon virgin hair. From that Smith developed her career as a 'weave guru'.

In 2011, Smith began her hair company, Weave Darling, selling virgin hair from the back of her car, which she did for three years.


"At first it was a lot of negative reactions so I began providing hair through one of my clients who sold hair for me until I started selling on my own as it became more popular," explained the entrepreneur.

Since that time, her company has now morphed into Weave Darling Virgin Hair and Wigs, with Smith occupying her own working space in Richmond Park and adding wig making and styling to her services provided.

The holder of a degree in literature and minor in human resources management says her years of experience in customer service management have moulded her into a successful businesswoman. "My years of training persons in customer service has facilitated me being able to connect with my clients because I know the importance of listening and providing excellent service so they keep coming back," said Smith.

For the passionate entrepreneur, being able to provide confidence through her services is the most satisfying aspect of her job. "For my clients recovering from cancer, to see how happy I make them with the wigs because they're regaining their confidence because they have hair again, that makes me very happy," she added.

But the ambitious businesswoman is not done yet, and has further plans for expanding her business. "I have started a YouTube channel and also a website as I seek to do more business online for those persons interested in beauty teamed with convenience," said Smith.

The business owner, who also has intentions of starting a salon offering multiple services, gushed to THE STAR about hair and beauty being her passion. "I have an overwhelming passion that keeps me up at night, that makes me want to do better constantly and excel in my area," said Smith.

The social media-friendly company can be found on Instagram and Facebook at Weave Darling. Smith can also be reached at 1-876-838-0136.

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