Edith Brown making a living off inspirational quotes

September 29, 2016
Edith Brown

Edith Brown is living her dream as a writer, speaker, and a budding entrepreneur who is making money by selling inspirational quotes on objects such as clothes.

"It all started when my mother used to bring home magazines and a lot of reading materials for me. We didn't have much connection to television back then, so I spent most of my time writing my thoughts," said Brown, who owns Earth Brown Inspirational Wear.

"Then it became my everyday routine. She used to keep us inside because the community wasn't as friendly as it is now. I never understood until now, and I appreciate her for that," she added.

Brown, 10 years ago, published her first book entitled A Victim of Her Own Paranoia, which speaks about heartbreak and relationships.

It was after that experience that she got the idea to start writing daily motivational quotes.

"I started with my little quotes such as 'Big man humble yourself under the mighty hand of God' and 'Kick off those hypocrites and backbiters', among others. I started to put the quotes in frames, although I'm not much of a graphic person. I then created some beautiful frames and a Facebook page for Earth Brown Inspirational Wear and I'm now doing T-Shirts."

Brown told THE STAR that she now feels awakened and has even branched off into painting.

"I'm doing frames, T-shirts, and I now realise that I have a knack for painting ... . I feel so awakened. I'm painting, putting my words on T-shirts, in frames, on books and pens, and I'm now looking to write another book. It's all so amazing! It's my baby and she is growing and now getting to that stage where she will be walking up and down now and getting independent. So it's a beautiful feeling," she said.




Brown said that her most memorable moment happened in a television interview when the presenter told her that she could go very far with her brand and congratulated her on her bravery.

"My Smile Jamaica interview with Dahlia Harris in which she congratulated and motivated me has been my best moment so far. I've also been on the road and I've been on some shows earlier this year, and I took all my frames and T-shirts and created a commentary section and I got a lot of reviews. Persons liked the fact that the words were something they could relate to."

Brown had encouraging words for youngsters thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship.

"One of the greatest gifts any human being has is believing in himself. Get up off the ground. Once you constantly and consistently work, towards achieving that particular dream there is nothing that can stop you but you."

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