Plantain or ripe

October 05, 2015
Plantain tart

Plantains - both green and ripe are in abundance now. I prefer the green ones though, and just last Friday I reaped two bunches from my backyard garden.

Our Bahamian neighbours love the ripe variety so much, they serve a few slices with every meal and on every occasion.

Here in Jamaica, we are used to having ripe plantain sliced and fried but the overripe ones are excellent for making tarts. The ripe firm plantains can also be had boiled in the skin, peeled and eaten with a main meal. In recent years, many creative chefs have used the ripe plantain slices to wrap bacon and bake for a delicious cocktail nibble.

Green plantain makes a tasty porridge too, but I just love to enjoy them by cutting them in wedges, frying, then pressing them and sprinkling with salt before nibbling with just about any protein. It is great with jerked meats, fried/escoveitch fish or even eggs prepared the way you like them at breakfast time.

Plantain porridge, like most other breakfast items are a great way to start the day. Today's grandmothers no longer make it - in fact most people these days simply buy a cup of porridge at the nearest fast food establishment. If you have the time, try the recipe below.

Green Plantain Porridge


n 2-3 medium sized green plantains

•3 cups water1 cup coconut cream

•1 cinnamon bark

•1/8 teaspoon salt (or a pinch)

•1 cup milk

•1 teaspoon vanilla

•2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk

•Freshly grated nutmeg (about 1/8 tsp or 6 slides on grater)


1. Wash and peel and chop green plantains into cubes. (Peel in the same way you do green bananas).

2. Put the plantains and water in a blender and puree, pour in a pot with cinnamon and turn stove to low heat.

3. Keep stirring to prevent lumps and add salt, coconut cream OR your choice of milk and stir.

4. Add vanilla and nutmeg and sweeten with condensed milk (if that is what you like).

Porridge should be ready in 20-15 minutes. This will serve two people.


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