Take better care of your body


November 30, 2015

If you regularly exercise and eat healthy foods, you are more than likely to have a better quality of life and possibly extend your life expectancy.

Some will argue that leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't automatically give you longer life. Some may die young who have

regularly exercised and made significant efforts to eat properly, however it doesn't guarantee them long life.

Underlying health issues may prevent an extension of life expectancy but with regular

exercising and eating correctly you will enhance the quality of life.

There are various limiting factors why life may be cut short; environmental issues could be one or the quality of the health care system in the country of residence. However, in Jamaica the top three causes of death are from lifestyle conditions; stroke, coronary disease and diabetes.

We can change this by taking control of the foods we consume and the amount of movement in our lives. The life expectancy in Jamaica is 74 compared to the world's highest 84 which is in Japan. Arguably we could increase our life by another 10 years or more by just putting a bit more effort into looking after our bodies.

I urge you all to make the following changes which will drastically help your quality of life. Limit your consummation of junk food and eat more nuts and seeds.

Consume less alcohol and drink more water and exercise is mandatory, just even 20 minutes walking a day, not only can it help with physical well-being, research shows it can help with mental issues such as anxiety and depression and improve self-esteem.

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