Aids Affairs: We hate using condoms


December 01, 2015

Dear Counsellor:

I'm a young teen and I must tell you that I hate using the condom. I cannot feel intimate with a barrier between my boyfriend and me. He is much older than I am and he seems to have a problem with using the condom. When he tries to fit it on, his penis goes dead, and the minute he puts it aside, he is like fire. What should I do since we both have issues with the condom?

Hot and sexy Teen:

Dear Hot and Sexy Teen:

You and your boyfriend can choose not to use the condom, but you must be sure that you are both faithful to each other and that you know that you are both free from infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Can you guarantee that? Yes, the sensation that you feel is slightly less, but people who use condoms regularly do get use to this, and the emotional reassurance that the condom brings may more than make up for the marginal reduction in physical sensation. Remember also that you can try the female condom, which is also very easy to use. You must accept a personal responsibility to protect your sexual health.

Dear Counsellor:

I got a text message from a woman saying that my husband infected her with chlamydia. This worries me because I am pregnant. If it is true that my husband is really infected, how would this affect my unborn child?

Pregnant Wife

Dear Pregnant Wife:

Chlamydia would not affect the baby before birth; however treatment should be completed before delivery as it can cause premature labour and blindness if the baby is infected during birth.

For more information on condom use, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infection call the AIDS/STD Helpline at 967-3830, 967-3764 or toll free at 1888-9914444.

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