Why women should exercise after pregnancy


December 07, 2015

Why women should

exercise after


After working with a huge number of postnatal clients around the world, I have realised not all pregnancies are the same, and different treatment after pregnancy is sometimes necessary for mothers to recover to their best shape and fitness levels.

One thing is definite, and that is exercise should not be avoided.

The first series of exercise I would suggest is strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This will help to prevent accidental urine leaks as well as assisting the vagina to recover from the delivery by toning the muscles around the area.

aerobic exercise

High intensity exercise should be avoided for at least three months after pregnancy, no intense running or jumping, or any type of vigorous and intense exercise. Walking is a great aerobic exercise to help with the weight loss, about 15 minutes walk per day initially then increasing the duration by five minutes each week.

You can also start to strengthen the abdominals by working them with a lower repetition per set. Five to eight per set would be ideal to start with. Also, focus on stretching and strengthening the upper back, as breast feeding will take a toll on posture and this should be corrected to prevent more issues arising from bad posture.

Not only will exercise help with the physical recovery, it will help you to start feeling better from the release of feel good hormones (endorphins), and can also assist with allowing the body to get better quality sleep in the little time available.

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