Worried about grey hair


December 08, 2015

Jean's work stress is turning her hair grey and thin. She asks what she can do about this.

It is still debatable whether stress can accelerate the ageing process and, as a result, cause hair to turn grey sooner than expected, although many of us know of individuals who went grey "over-night" after experiencing great personal trauma. Dermatologists do not support the view that a heavy work load or other short term, every day stress can cause greying of the hair, but chronic sleep loss, sudden weight loss and changes in appetite can raise the levels of stress hormones and in this fashion can affect hair greying.

However, physiological stress on the body can cause "hair loss". This can be brought on by changes in diet, medical conditions and life style. The good news is that hair loss from these causes is usually temporary. Once the temporary stressor is removed the hair will regrow. Definitely, emotional stresses can trigger physical stresses that can lead to hair loss.

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