How many days a week should we exercise?


December 21, 2015

As 2016 approaches, many of us are making plans for our New Year's resolution.

A few may have fitness as a New Year's resolution for a fitter and better you. By planning a fitness regime before the New Year comes means you will be more likely to hold yourself accountable. This means you will commit for longer and possibly allow fitness to become a habitual pattern, which occurs after doing an activity repeatedly for more than 21 days.

Exercise is very important for keeping our bodies healthy and fit for any physical and mental demands we are required to fulfill. Exercising everyday isn't a bad thing, so long we vary the intensity of activity being done along with training different muscle groups daily by giving all muscles enough time to recover.

Varying different exercises on a day-to-day basis can assist us to achieve our fitness and performance goals. A way to vary this exercise situation is by utilising a system called active rest, it means, on planned rest days you do something which involves movement, however, not as intense.

For example, stretching for half an hour is good for your muscles. It helps with recovery and improving the flexibility of the muscles, which in turn can reduce the risk of injury.

On your non-active rest days, you will do the most intense work, run faster and longer or lift heavier weights with less rest in between sets. Let us enter the New Year on a positive note that we will thank ourselves for.

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