The importance of preparing the body for exercise


January 11, 2016

Most of us are guilty of rushing into physical training without spending enough quality time in preparing the body.

Over years of research in exercise physiology, the warm up process have drastically evolved. Before we were taught to warm up by doing a light jog and a series of static stretches, however now the whole warm up routine has been piled into an area of specific training called prehabilitation (prehab).

In order to get optimal performance from your body and greatly reducing the risk of injury this is vital

Prehab has an orderly approach which can allow specific warm up taking into account problem areas of particular persons, so if you had an injury or a muscular imbalances this is a way of warming up that you should consider using.

static stretches

Foam rolling is the first part of the process, you will literally roll your muscles for a short period on a cylinder shape piece of foam or PVC pipe. This gets rid of scar tissue and or and adhesions in the muscles.

The next step is to conduct a series of dynamic stretches oppose to static stretches, static stretches where you stand still and stretch shouldn't be done before exercise but after. Stretching with movement is to be done before. Finally move into strengthening exercise without resistance to fire up inactive muscles.

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