Lifestyle & Food : Star Flex Restaurant spicing up Bodles

August 21, 2017

Driving through the Old Harbour area, some sections may seem rather sleepy and even abandoned.

But there is one spot that is definitely not short of activity, and food lovers will be happy for it.

Star Flex Restaurant in Bodles has only been open since May, but has already been satisfying the palates of foodies.

If the Star Flex brand sounds familiar, you might have seen another establishment in Spanish Town, Brunswick Avenue to be exact, with the same name.

The Old Harbour outlet is an expansion of the franchise, according to the owner, Garnet Davy.

"I started Star Flex about 15 years ago as a bar, and then I opened a jerk centre," he explained. "Then people requested food, and they always complimented us about the good service and the food quality."

Davy said that motivated him to expand. And after searching around, he found the Bodles site.

Some renovating of the original building was necessary, but it has been worth it.

Supervisor at the restaurant, Kenisha Rush, said business has been going well.

"As the days go by, we get new customers. We get most support from the workers at the Hi-Pro factory across the road, but also from passers-by, and the district supports us as well," she said.

Davy is heartened by the response.




"We try to keep the food quality high. I love when people are happy," he said. "The only thing Brunswick Avenue has over Bodles is the traffic (sheer volume of customers), but Old Harbour is doing very well," he said.

The menu is quite diverse, sporting everything from the ever-popular rice and peas and chicken (Jamaica's 'other' national dish) to chow mein and chop suey.

'Big man food' like cow foot and beans and various soups give hungry workers or travellers feeling a bit peckish a variety of options.

But Rush explained that it's the seafood that sets them apart from some other restaurants. Done to order, the discerning diner can enjoy lobster and shrimp dishes.

"We even do conch soup four times a week," Rush said. "Fish is also a popular dish, and people love the curried conch as well."

One customer, George Allwood, swears by the seafood.

"Every day mi deh yah," he said, sipping on some soup to 'belch the gas' before lunch. "A just fish me eat, and me just call and order my steam fish."

And Star Flex may expand further, as Davy is looking to establish another location in the Christiana area of Manchester, from which he hails.

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