Viarl sensation Tatiana wants to be a comedian

October 23, 2015
Tatiana at her home in Time and Patience, Linstead.
File Tatiana at her home in Time and Patience, Linstead.
Tatiana at her home in Time and Patience, Linstead.

Sixteen-year-old Tatiana McKenzie has been dubbed a social media sensation after videos of her comedic conversations captured the attention of thousands of viewers recently.

In the videos, she was recorded speaking candidly to a man she referred to as 'Curry Dumpling', while at school. The comedic videos created a stir on social media, where persons offered to give her assistance.

THE WEEKEND STAR visited the spirited Ewarton High School student at her home in Time and Patience, Linstead, St Catherine, where she said she is no rookie to the performing arts and has grand aspirations in the field.

"In school, I'm a part of the speech and drama club, and I entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) festival in the past, where I became a triple gold medallist and got a trophy for the best female performer. I also got the crown for Queen of Speech and Drama. No one took it from me yet - I'm still waiting," she said in her signature comedic tone.

Though she stands a little over four feet tall, Tatiana has mammoth dreams of being a comedic superstar.

"From I come out of my mother's womb, I knew that I wanted to do this. I find that I'm different from all the other children. I think big in this little body. I have set certain goals that I want to accomplish, no matter what.

"If it's even on one foot, I'm going to get there," she joked. She also added, "I look up to Delcita. I'm coming to take her spot. Delcita better watch out, I'm heading there!"

Tatiana's mother, Simone Shecleworth, said Tatiana started displaying a knack for the performing arts at a tender age.

"When she was just two years old, she would go to church with her grandmother and she would imitate the worshippers getting into spirit. You could just call a name and she would imitate that person. Then in basic school, she would line out the clothespins and beat them to sickness, so from those times, I could see a little acting," Shecleworth said.

When Tatiana started at Ewarton Primary School, her teacher spotted her talent and suggested she enter the JCDC competitions. She has been involved in the competition since then.

The grade 10 student is also an ardent Christian and has hopes of mixing comedy with evangelism.

"I know the power that lies in God. I want to be an evangelist. I want to spread the sweet news about Jesus, and I want to motivate persons through comedy and through preaching," Tatiana said.

Tatiana has been able to inspire and motivate others through comedy as videos of her humorously discussing her struggles have gone viral on social media.

She said she read numerous comments from people who claimed she is an inspiration to them.

"I felt so good. I embrace this love. This love shows me that despite my challenges, despite my different issues, I can do it and I'm going to do it. You are all going to see it." she proclaimed.

In 2013, Tatiana suffered a period of severe illness which caused her to be hospitalised for more than a month. The family chose not to divulge details of her illness, but assured our news team that Tatiana is recovering from it.

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